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5 Real Strategies to Increase Your AdSense Revenue

increase adsense revenue

increase Adsense revenue: Hey, Readers Welcome Back Again Technicalhindi.in  Guys, If you are Using Google Adsense For Monetize Your Blog Then  Here I’m sharing those 5 tips which will help you to increase your revenue. increase adsense revenue

Adsense is One of the best Platform For publisher can monetize a blog and earn money from them Over 80% Blogs are using Google Adsense For Monetize Because

AdSense is one of the top advertisement programs for bloggers

If you have no Google Adsense account then you can click read 5 tips to appove Google Adsense For website  Many new beginners cannot approve Google Adsense account then read you can easily approve Google Adsense account

increase Adsense revenue Advance Tips

  • Choose High Paying Niche For Your Blog
  • Use Proper Advertisement Size
  • Proper Styling Of Ad Units
  • Proper Ad Positioning
  • Advertisement Type Matters
  • Update Site Regularly For Traffic Optimization
  • Keywords Research Is The Power Booster
  • Revenue Optimization By Fixing Crawl Errors
  • Make Use Of AdSense For Search
  • Avoid Bad Practices
  • Use Google Auto Ads

Now it’s time to move forward and learn some of the basic and advanced tips to increase AdSense revenue.

There are Many factors are Involves to decrease your Google Adsense revenue like your Adsense ads placements Your Adsense ads sizes

Note: Additionally, be sure to never ask someone to click your ads.

Google ads Size and Placements

This is one of the most common factors involved in getting low vs. high CTR. If your Adsense CTR is high then your Earning has also Become high because of Adsense is give you earning only on for click, not for impression

High CTR Then More revenue From Google Adsense

So the question is how to get More Clicks on Google ads Note: Additionally, be sure to never ask someone to click your ads. so here are some tips to get more clicks on Adsense

1. You should try putting Adsense ads around the content and above the post and middle section if you have to put ads on your look like the content then users can attract On your ads try to make your Adsense ads is also part on your post then you more interest in your Adsense then chances is also get more clicks

2.  This way you can easily create Adsense-optimized themes and designs for your new site. if you are using Adsense optimize them then you can also get more clicks many of bloggers are using the only simple theme so highly recommended you can use Adsense optimize theme

3.  Adsense Ads Size

Here are some of the Adsense sizes which work best:

  • 336 * 280: Large Rectangle
  • 300*250 :
  • 728*90
  • 160*600

As you can see, in the Adsense world size matters.

Organic USA Traffic

If you increase your Google AdSense revenue then you can try to get USA Organic traffic because Adsense performs better in USA Many people complain about low CPC and low Adsense income If you try tart targeting traffic from countries like the U.S.A and the U.K, and you will end up getting high CPC. In Your Google Adsense Account

Use Auto Ads

AdSense Auto ads, a powerful new way to place ads on your site. Auto ads use machine learning to make smart placement and monetization decisions on your behalf, saving you time. Place one piece of code just once to all of your pages,

  • Revenue opportunities: Auto ads will identify any available ad space and place new ads there, potentially increasing your revenue.

Use Links Ads

If you are Using Adsense then You can use Google Adsense Links Ads, link ads Can Increase Your Google Adsense  Revenue Because Visitors, Users Are Easy To impress with link ads many of visitors are think links ads is also a part of content then many of visitors are clicks on link ads

If you getting No any click then you can try to use Link Ads

Note: Links ads CPC is too much low 

Adsense Blacklist URL:

They are many advertisers are giving low CPC in per ad clicks so you can you can block that advertiser’s URL. I have done it myself, and it improved my revenue by 10% in one week’s time. You can also block your competitor’s ads from displaying on your site.

increase adsense revenue


If your only source of income is Google Adsense revenue, then perhaps these tips will be helpful to you. to Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue

Note: It is very important o always do any new experiments like create Colour links ads and change themes and use High CPC keywords etc

increase AdSense revenue Feel free to share a tip which has worked well for you and has helped you to increase your Adsense revenue  If you are not approved for Google AdSense you can read the article about how to approve Google AdSense account



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