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How To Increase Google AdSense clicks 100% Working Method

how to increase adsense clicks

How can I increase my AdSense clicks

How To Increase Google AdSense clicks 100% Working Method :- Hey Readers in this article I will tell you how to increase Adsense ads clicks if you are trying to increase Adsense CTR  but you are getting low CTR then your earning is also low  CTR or clickthrough rate in Google AdSense is the number of clicks your ads receive vs the number of time the ads are displayed. If your site has 100 pageviews and your ads receive 2 clicks, then your site’s CTR is 2%. CTR can be as low These are a few things that you can do to get higher CTR for your sites. so let us explore how to increase Adsense clicks I will tell you 5 pro tips to increase Clicks and CTR so lets begin

how to increase AdSense clicks


Positioning your AdSense ads units at the right place will make a world difference of whether your site’s visitors see them, then visitors are think this is also part of contains chances visitors are click on ads positioning is very important role to increase adsense CTR or Clicks

Ad format / size

There are many ad sizes available to choose from for publishers in the Google AdSense program. Some ad unit sizes generally have higher CTR than the other, Google AdWords advertisers even bid more on the popular ad sizes.

how to increase Adsense CTR

Here’s a quick tip on how to help your ads increase your earnings, with just with a few simple tweaks to your settings.

  • Show “Text & display ads.”
  • Use the best ad sizes. The highest-performing ads are the following:
    • 300 x 250
    • 336 x 280
    • 728 x 90
    • 160 x 600

These settings increase the number of advertisers competing for space on your site, which could help grow your earnings.

Image or text ads

How can I increase my AdSense clicks

Google AdSense provides the publishers the option to display whether text or image (and also multimedia) ads for each ad unit. Publishers can also choose to let Google display both types of ads. Choosing the right ad type will help increase the CTR for your AdSense ad units.

Multiple units

Having more ad units would mean more ads visibility to your site’s visitors. That would translate to increased clicks.

Adsense Themes

Many of Adsense publishers are using any theme of WordPress website theme is also a big part to increase Adsense revenue you can use Adsense friendly WordPress theme if you have to getting low CTR low Adsense ads to click then you can use Adsense theme

high ctr adsense theme
high ctr adsense theme

this theme is 80-90% Chance to increase your Adsense revenue because my many of my Friends are using Adsense theme and this theme I am also using my many of blogs and they really help me a lot to get high Adsense ctr and Adsense ads click

high ctr adsense theme

Visitor type

Different type of visitor has different CTR for your ads. Search engine and referral traffic normally give higher CTR than social and direct traffic. if you have getting youtube social referrals then Your CTR is High because referral traffic is 80% visitors are clicks on ads this is the fact

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Experiment how to increase Adsense clicks

Note: It is very important o always do any new experiments like create Colour links ads and change themes and use High CPC keywords etc

While all the above tips generally work, you will still need to experiment. This is because there’s no one size fits all solution in implementing Google AdSense strategy and so you’ll need to make one small change at a time and see if it works for you. Keep experimenting until you’re satisfied with your AdSense income. hope you like this article if you have any questions then feel free to ask you inquires about to increase Adsense clicks



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