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How To Varify Facebook Page To Varifed Famous Person

How To Varify Facebook Page To Varifed Famous Person

Facebook has recently introduced the process  to verify its fan pages . Since  it has been reported to facebook in recent few years that several people and social media marketing companies are creating fake fan page of famous celebrity , brand , icon , actor , actress etc , and are making misuse of fan pages, hence in such scenario  it was also very difficult for people to recognized which is the genuine page and which is fake page , hence in order to overcome this issue , Facebook introduce a procedure of verifying the fan page , by adding a blue  badge of “verified” symbol on the genuine fan page .which look like a check mark of correct symbol.

Hindi Me Toh Agar app facebook ka page koi brand hai icon sicial media hai website ya app acress ho famous famous celebrity , brand , icon , actor , actress etc , and are making misuse of fan pages, agar apka inme se koi sa bhi cheej ke category me apka faceboom page ataa hai toh app easilyse use varified kara sakte hai toh challiye jante hai kaisee

Step by step procedure to send verification request for your facebook fan page .

Step 1 – Login to your facebook account . Don’t go to your fan page .

Step 2 – Now open a new tab in the same browser , and type the link in the address bar of the same browser or you can also copy and paste it in your browser url .

Step 3 –  Now hit Enter key on your keyboard , now you will reach to the page where there is an option to send request to verify your page , You will find there a page verification request form , in which , first of all you will have the select the page which you want to verify

 it usually takes up to 30 days to get the status of your verification status , during this period you may get call on the provided number , or email ,or you may be asked to put a piece of code provided by facebook on your website , so that it could proof your genuinity . once facebook complete the verification process and if you found the genuine and real page owner , then a symbol of verified badge will be check marked on your facebook page.

Please watch the video for step by step guidance located in the bottom of this page.

toh agar app nahi smajh paye toh is video ko dekh ke samjh sakte hai so lets watch it


What is the advantage / benefit of getting your facebook page verified .

Fayde kya honge agar apka facebook page varified ho jaye toh toh chaliye jante hai

Your Fans will be able to know that your page is Genuine : If you will not verify your page , then your fans will not be able to identify which page is genuine and which page is fake .

sabse pahla fayda yahi hai ki agar apke naam se koi fake page banat hai toh bhoot easily se pata nchaal jayega kunki apke paage pe blue tick hoga or agar app us fake page pe reprt karte hai toh wo page facebook se hata dia jayega ye bi apko fayada milta hai

  1. Protect your Brand Reputation , which fake pages could misuse
  2. Huge growth of fans , page likes and post engagement
  3. Higher ranking in facebook search & Search engine organic search both

Which category / type of facebook fan pages can be verified ?

it is mostly restricted to category / type which comes under – celebrity and public figure , Global brand and businesses , media .

How much time does facebook takes to verify a page ?

It may take up to 30 days to get the status of your page verified , if you have all the requied documents and proof which are pre requested by facebook , otherwise the verification process may take up to 50 days in suspicious conditions.

toh gyss ye sabhi tarike se agar app follw karte hai apna facebook page ko varifed me toh app easily apna page varified kara sakte hai

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