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Top 5 Free Audio Editors Software For Windows

top 5 audio edittor software

Hey ! Guys, in this article we see a best audio editor for windows and all audio editor are lifetime free and easy to use and User Interface, is Very Good So and many of peoples are using this editor to edit audio So, we have tried to point out main features of each audio editor, letting you get the tool that suits the particular use of yours. let’s know all editors full information read this full article so let’s begin



Audacity is an incredible free, open source audio editor that’s just as good as many premium paid-for applications. You can use it to make your own recordings, remove noise, cut and combine clips, apply special effects and much more, and achieve truly professional results.

 Audacity can alter frequencies with its Equalization, Bass and Treble, High/Low Pass and Notch Filter effects, and the volume can be adjusted using to the compressor, amplify, normalize, fade in/out and adjustable fade effects

Where to download:http://www.audacityteam.org/

Type: Audio editor

Developer: The Audacity Team

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux

Version: 2.1.3


 2. Acoustica Basic Edition


top 5 free audio editor

As the free version of a premium audio editor, it’s not surprising that Acoustica Basic Edition is a much more stylish affair than its open source and donation-supported counterparts.

User experience

Acoustica Basic Edition looks great, and is easy to navigate and customize thanks to a panel-based approach that lets you position the tools you use most frequently where they’re easily accessible. The icons are clear, and the menus are well organized.


Where to download:https://acondigital.com/downloads/

Type: Audio editor

Developer: Acon Digital

Operating system: Windows

Version: 6


3. mp3DirectCut


free audio edittor


Once you’re used to its odd interface, mp3DirectCut is a great tool for podcasters who want to trim their broadcasts to size and remove pauses – and it’s completely free, with no extra bundled software or ads.

free audio editor mp3DirectCut does much more than just dissect compressed audio files – you can also use it to make a new recording, normalize volume, apply fades, detect pauses, and create cue sheets, all without re-encoding the file.

Where to download:http://mpesch3.de1.cc/mp3dc.html

Type: Audio editor

Developer:Martin Pesche

Operating system: Windows

Version: 2.2


4. Free Audio Editor


free edudio edittor

The software is extremely easy to use

Free Audio Editor is a well designed little tool that’s particularly well suited for simple cutting and editing of songs, or converting file formats.

 There are so many free programs for manipulating sound files, it’s unsurprising that several are named ‘Free Audio Editor
Free Audio Editor is an excellent tool for making simple edits to audio files, like clipping out unwanted breaks from podcasts, adding metadata to songs, and converting between different formats.

Where to download:https://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-Audio-Editor.htm

Type: Audio editor

Developer: DVDVideoSoft

Operating system: Windows

Version: 1.1



5. Ocenaudio

Packed with mastering tools, this free audio editor makes it easy to tackle several large files at once without overwhelming new users. It might not be as feature-packed as Audacity, but Ocenaudio is an excellent free audio editor for podcasters and home musicians.

Ocenaudio also lets you copy and paste sections of audio, and apply effects and filters. Copying and pasting only takes a couple of seconds – even if the file is several hours long – and encoding and filtering happens in the background so it doesn’t disturb your work

Where to download:https://www.ocenaudio.com/

Type: Audio editor

Developer:The Ocenaudio Development Team

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux

Version: 3


These all software are free and best audio editors to edit audio and guys,  after use so please share your feedback in comments box….and share this article with your friends and check out more articles to get more information



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