How to make viral video on youtube

How to make viral video on youtube

How to make viral video on youtube

how to make viral video trending video

Hello Gys today we are lean and know make a viral video on youtube. gys in this article i explain all about youtube secretes and youtube algoritham to get youtube views fast and make viral and like trending video so please read full gys after read post you will know all secretes to make viral video on youtube so lets start

So gys lets know how youtube videos are viral  , Gys many of youtube videos are very fast viral lets know all reason

lets know what is youtube algoritham ?

The algorithmuses a combination of video specific data and channel aggregate data to determine which videos to promote

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?

Originally the only thing the YouTube algorithm paid attention to in determining which videos would get a higher ranking than others was the total number of times anyone clicked “play” on a video

But views only showed the number of times a video player loaded, rewarding creators whose videos got a lot of clicks—regardless of how long the viewer watched. Creators started adding spammy descriptions of thumbnails, generating clicks and getting higher rankings, but not keeping viewers engaged.

So Finally lets know what do to get viral

Youtube algoritham 80% works on watchtime to gain lot of views and make viral video , so Friends watchtime is most important role to make a viral video so gys lets also how can i get watchtime for youtube videos

How to get watchtime on youtube video for make viral video

top 10 tips to increase a watchtime on youtube video

Make a lengthy video like 10 minutes videos ,:-  gys lengthy videos are also gaining a lot of views and some videos are viral because lengthy video are gaining a watchtime so thats reason leghthy videos are gaining more views and viral

Add intro on video :- gys add intro on youtube videos because intros are gaining some watchtime

Engage a audience on video :- make a unique video

Gys only follow in these steps i will make 100% viral viodeo on youtube very fast so pease apply and try to make viral video


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