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How to increase google adsense revenue from website and blog

how to increase adsense revenue

How to increase adsense revenue

Hey Guys In this article  we learn how can we are increasing our Adsense revenue from website Guys you are website getting  a huge amount of traffic but you are blog and Adsense does not generate revenue from website

read this full article I will teach you best method to get many numbers of click on ads on your Adsense ads so let us know what is a method to increase revenue

increase google adsense revenue

Reason for Adsense does not generate a revenue

  1. Wrong ads placement on website
  2. the wrong adunit create & place
  3. Not Using Adsense responsive theme
  4. Not Knowledge about adsense ads
  5. Target High CPC Keywords

Guys These are the reason for your blog for not generate revenue from website so let us know how can we Increasing Our Adsense revenue

How to increase Adsense revenue

Guys Adsense provide a many of ads types to place our blog or website and earn money but the reason of not generate revenue our website does not get a click on Adsense ads means visitors do not click on Adsense ads so let us know reason why our website visitors do not click our website and blog ads

Let us know how can Our website visitors click on our website Adsense ads

5 tips to get our visitors click on our Adsense ads

Apply Adsense advertising to correct place on our website

:- Guys We are getting a huge traffic but our website visitor not getting so this is method to get a click your ads many of publishers do not where we place Adsense ads

Generate a correct Adsense ad unit:- 

Many of AdSense publisher  does not know which type Adsense ad a get high CPC to increase revenue so let us know which type of ads get high cpc Text , Dispay Automatically this ad unit is getting good high cpc 


Target High CPC keywords

Guys, many of bloggers are not know which type of blogs and article get high cpc so make a high cpc keywords, make high cpc keywords website like insurance, attorney, loan this are very expensive keywords this type of article and blog get high cpc Adsense prove this type sites high cpc advertising so make high cpc keywords, article , and blog like here is link Careloaninsurance

this is my high cpc website  and i am also my experience i get only on single 5$ to 10$ in a single click so apply this strategy and definitely get high cpc and more revenue

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