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How to Change facebook page Url

how to chnage facebook url

Change Facebook Page URL

Hello Friends in this article we learn how can we change an Facebook page URL Follow these all steps and you will easily change a Facebook page URL  read this full article you will easily learn and change page URL and page name so let us know

Follow these all 5 steps and change facebook page so, first of all, learn how can change facebook page name

You’ll need to be an admin to request a change to your Page’s name.

To request a change to your Page’s name:

change facebopok page url and name

  1. Click About on the left side of your Page
  2. Click Edit next to your Page’s name
  3. Enter a new Page name and click Continue
  4. Review your request and click Request Change
  5. Read this article to full information

how to change facebook page url

follow only 4 steps and you easily change your facebook page Url so also you can watch these youtube video and easily learn to change facebook page URL

Here is video

So my also you can read this article for facebook more great settings and please  comment your feedback our these post

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