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5 Ways To Increase Instagram Followers And Likes

imcrease instagram followers and likes

Increase Instagram Followers And Likes

Hey ! Guys in this article we learn how can increase Instagram followers and likes so guys please read full post and you will 100% increase your Instagram followers so let’s begin

To get more followers on Instagram do the following things:

1. Create a clear Instagram strategy 

  • The frequency with which your audience will expect you to post content.
  • Key industry hashtags—including branded hashtags you could learn from and model.
  • Using hashtags such as #likeforlike, #tagsforlikes, or #followme may help you see a temporary increase in new followers, but they may be spammers or people only interested in being followed back
  • If you want to get more Instagram followers, you need to make it easy for people to find you.

2. Craft a great bio and profile

Your Instagram profile is made up of your name, username, website, and bio.

  • Name: Up to 30 characters, and included in an Instagram search, so you may wish to include a keyword.
  • Username: Make it consistent with your username on other social channels to make it easy for followers on other platforms to find you on Instagram.
  • Website: The only place on Instagram where you can include a clickable link (aside from calls to action in ads).
  • Bio: 150 characters to convey your brand identity and show new visitors why they should follow you.

 3. Try Conversion on With Popular Posts

  • Try to conversion on popular Instagram accounts means to reply to other followers to any question,
  • Likes to conversion comments  because peoples are attracted to you because we are like this comment

4. Tag appropriately

  • Use tag in every photos and video because the tag is a very good method of viral your photos on Instagram. because tag is a good method to share a pic with your friends then your friends likes then automatically show your friends this trick is so much good tag properly

5. Engage with existing communities

  • Engaged with your audience use always reply to your follower’s comment and also always go live on Instagram and join live communities on


Try these all method you will we easily increase 100% Instagram followers so guys any inquiry to please comment and guys you will likes this post so you can check more life hacks and interesting tricks please share this article with your friends




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